Smith Island: A True Island Community in the Heart of the Chesapeake Bay


Basics For Your Visit

Practical Info

Cell phone service is not reliable, but cell phones often work in certain magical spots on the island.

Restrooms are available in Ewell at the Heritage Center and nearby restaurants and in Tylerton in the Drum Point Market and the church basement.

Respect nesting birds and do not approach them closely or surround them. Do not make sounds to cause the birds to unnecessarily take flight. The birds are one of the treats of Smith Island and we want to keep them!

The marsh often appears deceivingly safe to cross by foot. Trying to do so is not recommended. If you become entrapped in marsh mud, lie on your back, using your elbows and hands to work your way backward to solid footing.

Do not pull up crab pots.

Stinging sea nettles (jellyfish) may be in the water during the summer months. Check the water with island residents before jumping in.

Depending on the time of year, there can be bugs. The sea breeze usually takes care of them, but its good to be prepared.

As the church is an important part of the islanders' lives, the island is "dry." Visitors may bring their own liquor discreetly. If you are staying at a B&B, check with the proprietor.


Quaint house on Smith Island