Smith Island: A True Island Community in the Heart of the Chesapeake Bay


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Things to Experience

The ferry ride to the island. This is how the islanders and all of their supplies travel to the island. On the ride over, you are likely to travel with groceries, bicycles or building supplies as well as islanders. On the way back, you will share your ride with boxes of soft shell crabs.

Smith Island Center, Museum and tourist information, gift shop, rest rooms. Experience life on the island in the Smith Island Center. A short film and exhibits bring alive the waterman's work and island traditions, and explore the history and characteristic language of the island. Small admission fee.
Location: 20846 Caleb Jones Road, Ewell, MD 21824
Contact: Janet Tyler, 410-425-3351,

Smith Island Crabmeat Co-op We supply fresh crabmeat, crabcakes, crab salad, etc. We also allow guests to come in and see how we pick the crabs. Gift shop. No charge to come in and watch the picking through observation window, or for $3 per person, come into the picking area, ask questions and also get a sample of crabmeat. Open June through November, 8-10 AM and 5-7:30 PM. Please call 410-968-1344 to place orders. To be sure to get what you are looking for, best to order in advance. Fresh crabmeat often available by the pound for drop-in visitors.
Location: 123 Wharf Street, Tylerton, MD 21866
Contact: 410-425-1344

Tylerton's Post Office One of the smallest U.S. post offices you have ever seen with hours geared towards watermen and ferry schedules:
Monday - Friday, 6:45 – 8:30 AM, 1:15 – 3:30 PM.
Saturday, 6:45 – 8:00 AM, 1:15 – 3:00 PM.
Buy some stamps and help keep it going!

A Church Service The church plays an important role in the lives of many islanders, and with no official town government on the island, a church service fills many roles. All visitors of any religion are welcome to join in the Sunday service in any of the villages.

Ewell United Methodist Church - Main Service at 9 AM Sundays

Tylerton United Methodist Church - Main Service at 10:45 AM Sundays

Calvary Methodist Church in Rhodes Point - Main Service at 12 noon Sundays

The island churches join together for an annual Camp Meeting in Ewell that runs from the last Sunday in July through the first Sunday in August, with well known southern gospel groups singing on Sundays. Join the community for preaching at 7 each evening during camp except for Saturday.

A Smith Island Sunset Nothing like a remarkable sunset in the middle of the bay.

Crab pickingSmith Island Center
Stained glass window