Smith Island: A True Island Community in the Heart of the Chesapeake Bay

View of Smith Island at Sunset

The bay never essayed truer, nor flowered more gloriously, than in its creation of Smith Island and Smith Islanders. Far more than any Mariners Museum, or Mystic Seaport or Williamsburg, places like the island are art - made all the more artful for contriving nothing, for simply being. From An Island Out of Time, by Tom Horton
Within a few hours drive of New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Richmond lies Smith Island, where life still moves to the age old rhythms of the tide and the fishing seasons. One of 5 great spots for "Dropping off the grid," according to CNN.

Enjoy fresh soft crabs and the world's best crab cake, fish for striped bass and sample homemade eight layer Smith Island cake, Maryland's official state dessert. Kayak, bird watch, crab and watch the sun setting across 20 miles of Chesapeake Bay. Step aboard the ferry to Tom Horton's "Island Out of Time" and leave your car and the mainland world behind.

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Smith Island Layer Cake: Sample this Smith Island tradition on your visit or get it to go. Enjoy Smith Island by Canoe or Kayak. Find out more...